Hurstpierpoint Bowls Club      2017 Champions

Men's Champion

Michael Thornhill (Left)


Runner Up

Brian Truran (Right)

Ladies Champion

Chris Thomas (Left)


Runner Up

Barbara Awcock (Right)

Ladies 2 Wood Handicap

Winner - Deryn Mitchell (Left)


Runner Up - Barbara Awcock (Right) 

Men's 3 Wood Handicap

Winner - Bernie Stevens (Left)


Runner Up - Bob Mitchell (Right)

Men's 2 Wood Handicap

Winner - Michael Thornhill (Left)


Runner Up - Kristian Berggreen (Right)

Men's 4 Wood Handicap

Winner - Roger Smith (Left)


Runner Up - Martin Machen (Right)

Ladies 4 Wood Handicap

Winner - Deryn Mitchell (Left)


Runner Up - Chris Thomas (Right)

Men's Pairs Handicap

      Winners -   Roy Dale (Left)

                           Keith Jackson (2nd. from left)              


 Runners Up -  Kristian Berggreen (Right)

                           Stewart Hall (2nd. from right)

                     Mixed Pairs Handicap

            Winners -     Juliet Truran (Left)

                                  Brian Truran (2nd. from left)


         Runners Up - Alison White (Right)

                                  Chris White (2nd. from right)  

Men's Backbone

Winner - Roy Dale (Left)


Runner Up - Bob Mitchell (Right)

Ladies 3 Wood - Yardstick

Winner - Anne Sayers (Left)


Runner Up - Linda Witcher (Right)

Ladies Endeavour

Winner - Alison Whte (Left)


Runner Up - Marsha Shand (Right)

Creaton Cup

Winner - David Green (Left)


Runner Up - Colin Watson (Right)

Brockes Cup  2017

Winners - (R to L)         Roy Walter, Val Cox, David Green    

Runners Up -  (L to R)   Keith Jackson,  Kristian Berggreen,  

                                   Maureen Spratling

Badge-v3a D.Brockes cup 2017 JSL-2017 IMG_5166 IMG_5163 IMG_4987 IMG_5106 IMG_5154 IMG_4965 IMG_5110 IMG_5042 IMG_5123 IMG_5047 IMG_4986 IMG_5124 IMG_5115 IMG_5038

                     Ladies Pairs Handicap

       Winners -     Juliet Truran (Left)

                             Kathy Green (2nd. from left)


     Runners Up - Gill Welsh (Right)

                              Barbara Awcock (2nd. from right)

Hurst Bowling Past Honours-adj Ladies Bowling Past Honours-adj