Due to the torrential rain on Finals Day (Sunday 26th August) play was abandoned and matches played over the following week. The results are as below:

Hurstpierpoint Bowls Club      2018 Champions

Badge-v3a washout

Brockes Cup  2019

Winners - (L to R)   Linda Witcher, Peter Childs, Jeanette Lowman,  Ken Leaney                        


Ladies Champion  2018

Winner Deryn Mitchell               Runner Up  Jenny Goodman

Marker Chris Thomas

Chris White 4 Wood runner up 2 Barbara Awcock winner Yardstick V Cox ru 2 Chris Thomas 4 wood L Witcher ru 2 Backbone Winner R Walter 2 D Mitchell 2 wood winner  Jenny Goodman ru2 K Jackson winner Creaton Cuip  R Dale 2 Kristian Bergreen Men's 3 Wood 2 Chairman's award to Dick Goodman 2

Men's 4 Wood  2018

Runner Up Chris White

Ladies Yardstick  2018

Winner Barbara Awcock (R)

Runner Up Val Cox (L)

Ladies 4 Wood  2018

Winner Chris Thomas (L)

Runner Up Linda Witcher (R)

Backbone  2018

Winner Roy Walter (R)

Runner Up Stephen Hand (L)

Ladies 2 Wood  2018

Winner Deryn Mitchell (L)

Runner Up Jenny Goodman (R)

Creaton Cup 2018

Winner Keith Jackson (L)

Runner Up Roy Dale (R)

Chairman's Award 2018

Chairman Bob Mitchell (L)

Winner Dick Goodman (R)

Men's 3 Wood  2018

Winner Kristian Berggreen

Keith Jackson Men's Champion 2

Men's Champion 2018

Keith Jackson

Ladies Champion D Mitchell, J Goodman ru 2

Ladies Champion 2018

Deryn Mitchell (L)

Runner Up Jenny Goodman (R)

Winners Mixed Pairs 2

Mixed Pairs Winners 2018

Keith Jackson (L)

Jenny Goodman (R)

Runners Pairs A White M Mercer 2 Winners Pairs V Cox J Kaddish 2

Ladies Pairs Winners 2018

Val Cox (L)

Jo Kaddish (R)

Ladies Pairs Runners Up 2018

Alison White (L)

Margaret Mercer (R)

Winners Pairs K Jackson K Leaney 2

Men's Pairs Winner 2018

Keith Jackson (L)

Ken Leaney (R)

M Thornhill Men's 2 Wood 2

Men's 2 Wood  2018

Winner Mike Thornhill

Football Team Winners

Football League Winners  2018

Hurst United