Club Centenary   1923 - 2023

Centenary Update 


Planning for our Centenary in 2023 is well underway and the following dates have been fixed.


Monday May 15th 2023

This will be the official opening and birthday, as this is the day that the club was formed. The Centenary Garden and Gate will be formally opened by a local “dignitary” after which there will be a game afternoon.


Thursday May 25th 2023

Match against Presidents Team.


Saturday 29th July 2023

This is the main celebration day when we host the South Eastern Counties Centennial Tournament with a full day of playing against other south eastern county clubs who are also celebrating their centenary 2023. Namely;

•         Castle Green, Guildford, Surrey.

•         Fleet Social, Hampshire.

•         Milton Park, Southsea, Hampshire.                      

•         Pembroke Gardens, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

•         Dartford Invicta, Kent.      

•         East Preston & Kingston, Sussex.                                       

•         Hailsham, Sussex.  


Other dates and events are being investigated.


Also, if you know any former members and are still in contact with them, please let them know these dates as we would love to see them.

You may have spotted the club badge is slightly different on this page. The inclusion of the flames and 19 in roman numerals (XIX) denotes that in its 100 year history the club has survived a fire and the Covid 19 Global Pandemic. The XIX is also a memorial to those bowlers we lost during the pandemic.