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Mishon Mackay Pro-Am Cup

The Mishon Mackay Pro-Am Cup explained


The competition gives the Club’s business and other supporters the chance to play bowls against each other, but with the benefit of playing alongside and with the help of experienced club members.

The competing teams will be made up of 2 “amateurs” from the supporter's organisation and 2 “Pros” from the Club.

In order to be fair to everyone, there will be a draw to decide which teams should play each other, who their "Pro" skip should be and on which rink they play.

Teams will play two matches of 7 ends, winners of the first round of matches moving up one rink for their second game. The winning team will be the one with the greatest shot difference.


Mishon Mackay Business Supporters Cup Pro-Am Competition 2022

Mishon Mackay winners of the Mishon Mackay Business Supporters Cup Pro-Am Competition 2022

After several months of little or no rain and in the middle of a hose pipe ban, the morning of this years Pro Am dawned to heavy rain and  forecast to continue till the afternoon!  However after a meeting on the green at 2pm it was decided that we could go ahead using the wet weather mats to protect the green, Phew!


We had 11 teams from our business supporters who arrived around 4.30 where they were sorted with suitable bowls and some went  on the green to have a practice. The atmosphere was very convivial and everyone was keen to show their skills.

There was much laughter and cheers as our visitors developed and from a shaky start many improved and were bowling quite well by the finish. They all told me that they had really enjoyed the evening and look forward to next year, and many wish to play in our Beer and Bowls Festival on 25th September.


The winner is the team with the biggest shot difference, and it turned out to be a close run thing with both Rushfields and Mishon Mackay having a +5 score, so it came down to which team had the most shots and Rushfields had 12 shots and Mishon Mackay 14.

I was very pleased that Mishon Mackay have actually won, as Alex Mackay proposed the idea of the competition and it started in 2016, with him providing the trophy, but sadly not managing to win, so this year was a good result!

Also very good to see Rushfields up at the top, as they have been a major supporter from the beginning and has played in this tournament every year.


So I believe that it was an excellent evening all round, with all enjoying both the bowling and the socialising afterwards.


The really good news is that checking on the green this morning I was very pleased that Tony and Brian were able to report that no damage has been done, (well nothing serious!!).


Barbara Awcock

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