Short Mat Bowls

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For the first time this winter, the Club provides its members with the opportunity to play bowls in its extended clubroom.  This has been possible, as a result of the Club applying for, and receiving, a grant from Rampion to pay for the short mat bowls equipment needed.


When the two short mat bowling rinks are out, the clubroom cannot be used for anything else; all tables and chairs need to be stacked away.


With this in mind, the Committee decided that the whole of Thursdays will be devoted to short mat bowls with the equipment coming out in the morning and going away at the end of the evening. Short mat bowls will be playable in three sessions of three hours on Thursdays . The sessions will be 9.30 to 12.30,  2.00 to 5.00 and 6.30 to 9.30. The maximum number that can play in a session is 16 (4 teams of 4).


The Thursday sessions will all be casual roll ups, for full members, social members and potential new members.  These will be run and organised by a full member, who will be responsible for signing in non members and collecting a session fee of £3 from non members and social members. Full members will not pay the session fee.


Non members and social members can use bowls provided by the club but they must wear either bowls shoes or something similar, which will not damage the bowling surface.


Full members can also get the short mat bowls equipment out, use it and put it away at other times during the week, provided they have checked with the short mat manager first that the clubhouse is available for short mat bowls and both mats have not already been booked . A social member can play with a full member, but the social member will be required to pay £3 each time into the rink fee money box.


Linda Witcher is the Club's short mat manager for 2018/19. Linda and other full members will run the Thursday roll up sessions.


The Club's CASC status requires the number of social members to be no more than 50% of the number of playing members. The Club is close to that figure and, therefore, with this in mind, the Club is keen to encourage only full playing members to join in regard to short mat bowls and for a social member, wanting to play short mat bowls regularly, to convert to a full playing member.


The Club's present annual playing membership fee is £95, reduced to £50 for the first year for a brand new inexperienced playing member, and £10 for a social member. The annual playing membership fee covers playing outdoors, indoors, or both.


Consequently, a social member or a non member playing short mat bowls once a week for 20 weeks will end up paying a total of £60. Therefore, for an extra maximum amount of just £35, such a person can have full playing membership, with unlimited access to playing bowls indoors, outdoors or both.