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Frog Racing

The DUMMIES Guide to Frog Racing

The Frog Race party game was invented by Charles Frederick England in 1901. The game consisting of four cardboard frogs with a hole in the upper part of the body through which a piece of cord ran. One end of the cord being secured to an immovable object, the other end of the cord (about 10-12 feet away) being held by the player. The objective of the game being for the player to tighten and loosen the cord thereby causing the frog to move towards them. The winner being the first frog over the line to reach their handler.


Since 2013 the Club has organised a Frog Racing Night each year, which is well attended. There is always good rivalry to become the Club's Frog Racing Champion for that year.

                                Click on the frog for a detailed history 



Winner Jo Kaddish (right) receives her Frog Trophy

from Denise Hall a previous winner of the event.


Congratulations to Jo Kaddish on becoming the

2024 Frog Racing Champion.


The Final

Heat 3

Heat 6

The Frog Girls

Heat 2

Heat 1

Heat 5

Heat 7

The Tote team working hard

Mr. Starter

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